The Action Bible

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The Action Bible

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Product Description

This action-packed rendition of the world’s most awesome story will capture and draw you into all the excitement.

The attention-grabbing illustrations of artist, Sergio Cariello are full of rich color, dramatic shading and light,

and bold designs that communicate the emotion and significance of the figures of the Bible.

With 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, The Action Bible makes it easier

for readers to follow the Bible’s historical flow as the story builds up to the thrilling climax

of Christ’s life. A compelling blend of clear, forceful communication with dramatic illustration creates

an appeal that crosses all age boundaries and is perfect for contemporary readers.

Don’t miss the vividly illustrated, fast-paced version of the most epic story ever told;

your kids won’t want to put it down.

Product Specs

Age Range : 9-12 years

– Book – Hardcover

– Number of Pages  : 752


น้ำหนัก 2000 กรัม
ขนาด 26.5 × 17.5 × 3.5 เซนติเมตร



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