THE PRODIGAL GOD Recovering the Heart of the Christian Faith

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รหัสสินค้า: 9781101949016

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ผู้เขียน : Timothy Keller

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Newsweek called renowned minister Timothy Keller “a C.S. Lewis for the
twenty-first century” in a feature on his first book, The Reason for God. In
that book, he offered a rational explanation of why we should believe in
God. Now, in The Prodigal God, he uses one of the best-known Christian
parables to reveal an unexpected message of hope and salvation.

Taking his trademark intellectual approach to understanding Christianity,
Keller uncovers the essential message of Jesus, locked inside his most familiar
parable. Within that parable Jesus reveals God’s prodigal grace toward both
the irreligious and the moralistic. This book will challenge both the devout
and skeptics to see Christianity in a whole new way.

“Thriling . . . Brilliant. Keller elegantly explains the goodness of God,
redefining sin, lostness, grace, and salvation.” –HeartsandMinds.com

“An amazing, thought-provoking, illuminating work.” –Examiner.com

“Keller will be remembered as a pioneer of the new urban Christians.”
-Christianity Today magazine

“I thank God for him.”‘ –Billy Graham


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