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What Pastors & Church Leaders are saying about The Purpose Driven Church

“This is the clearest, most profound and comprehensive explanation of God’s plan for the local church.
These principles can transform every church of every size in every community around the world, so it’s a
must-read book for every pastor!”–Craig Groeschel

“When I read The Purpose Driven Church, I immediately ordered copies for all my staff and elders.
The message and strategy is biblical, effective, and timeless.” -Andy Stanley

“The Purpose Driven Church is the mother of all missional books. It was missional long before the term
became cool. An entire generation of churches owes our health and vitality to this book.” –Perry Noble

“God raised up The Purpose Driven Church to launch a global church planting movement and to
revitalize tens of thousands of comeback churches. It’s clearly one of the most influential books in
the history of the church.” –Ed Stetzer

“What I love about The Purpose Driven Church is the insistence that Jesus did not create his church to
exist solely for itself. Our vision must include those outside the church.” –Mark Driscoll
“A hundred years from now church leaders will still be studying The Purpose Driven Church.
It’s that important.” –Erwin McManus

“The Purpose Driven Church explains the biblical blueprint for the church in every generation.
It is no-nonsense, back-to-basics.” –Mike Slaughter

“The Purpose Driven Church is solid meat, not theory, having passed the twin tests of long-term effectiveness
and having been applied in every imaginable context around the world.” –Larry Osborne

“The Purpose Driven Church taught me that we should never assume people know the Gospel.
Instead we must make it explicit in every message. My heart leapt when I read that idea, and I’ve
followed it ever since.” –Matt Chandler

“Every pastor should read The Purpose Driven Church three times. First, read it rapidly to grasp the
strategy. Next, read it thoughtfully to understand the underlying principles. Then read it intentionally to
put into practice.” -Haddon Robinson

“Not only is The Purpose Driven Church solidly and overwhelmingly anchored in Scripture, it’s supported
with the wisdom of an experienced pastor with a remarkable ability to bring people to Christ and full
maturity.” –Paige Patterson

“This book overflows with the biblical truth, practical wisdom, and the discipleship process every church
needs to reach the world for Jesus.” –Daniel Akin

“Saddleback is one of America’s most fascinating churches, attracting well-deserved attention.
Now, The Purpose Driven Church offers a fascinating glimpse into its vision and philosophy
Highly recommended.” -Albert Mohler

“In our national surveys, pastors always list two books as their top two most helpful favorites:
Purpose Driven Church and Purpose Driven Life.” -George Barna


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